Hello, world… again!

After a few years of not having tended to my previous website, it seemed that it might be time for a fresh start.

If you’ve stumbled upon this site because of a link to my old site (perhaps due to a certain infamous music video that was posted) or to AlbertaFranceMotoLicence.info (sorry, it was ultimately unsuccessful due to the inefficiency of French bureaucracy), feel free to write to me with any requests you have, and I’ll be happy to provide information.

As for the future of this site: I have no desire to make a site that is officially linked with my professional life, but I might write about technology that interests me… or life in France, current issues, who knows?! If anything, it might just be a place for me to organise some of the projects and ideas that have interested me.

Keep calm, and stay safe!

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